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Imagine Lectura aims to help students in grades 3-5 become strong readers, critical thinkers, and confident communicators. To help you reach this goal, Imagine Lectura follows an intentional, research-informed instructional sequence designed to help students in grades 3-5 achieve their highest potential.

Every unit starts with a teacher-facilitated Focus Question video and discussion that reflects a big idea incorporated throughout the unit. This is a great start for the lessons as teachers are encouraged to facilitate rich discussions around the Focus Question as students prepare to enter the unit. 

After the Focus Question, students move into a Deep Reading Cycle of six connected texts, each with its own Power Sentence Lesson. The first step is a shared experience with a Power Sentence Lesson. This is a great opportunity to approach a complex, powerful sentence that carries important language and ideas worth discussing. This exploration sets students up to successfully engage with the first of six grade-level passages, all tied together by the big idea in the Focus Question. 

Teach the Dictado Lesson. Dictado is a culturally relevant teaching strategy, comprised of mini-lessons and dictado sentences, that are commonly used in Mexico and other Latin American countries. The dictado sentences are currently paired with an Imagine Lectura passage.  

Finally, after reading, thinking, and talking about the six passages included in the unit, students engage in a finishing, collaborative Synthesis Project. With every passage, students should be encouraged to think about the Focus Question, the big idea that ties all the passages together. Then, students can demonstrate what they’ve learned and show how they’ve become stronger readers, more confident communicators, and critical thinkers. To do this, students may choose to create a video, a podcast, or a blog. The sky’s the limit and the goal is to show how their thinking has evolved over the course of the unit, how their understanding has deepened, and how their perspective has widened.

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