Leading the Synthesis project in Imagine Reading and Imagine Lectura


Imagine Reading and Imagine Lectura are being retired on September 1, 2024. Learn more at Imagine Reading and Imagine Lectura end-of-life recommendations.

At the end of each unit, you may decide to have students complete the Synthesis Discussion and Synthesis Project. These lesson components are designed to help students deepen their learning through academic discussions and a differentiated group project.

The objectives of the Synthesis discussion and project are for students to:

  • Articulate and defend an individual response to the unit's Focus Question.
  • As a group, use academic discourse to collaboratively discuss and negotiate a shared
    response to the Focus Question.
  • As a group, plan, develop, and present a project to communicate the shared response to the rest of the class

Print the Synthesis project materials from the left navigation pane within Imagine Reading or Imagine Lectura. These resources print in English from Imagine Reading and in Spanish from Imagine Lectura. The Synthesis Discussion & Project Protocol guides educators through the project step-by-step; the checklist serves as a scaffold to help students plan their presentation.

Synthesis Discussion

At the end of each unit, lead a synthesis discussion centered around the discussion questions for each passage. 

Synthesis Project

The Synthesis project provides an opportunity for students to plan, develop, and present a project that effectively communicates the group’s shared response to the Focus Question. This type of project allows students to creatively apply their knowledge to a real-world application. Synthesis projects should include adequate explanations, examples, or evidence to logically defend the group’s shared response.


Adapt the Synthesis project to the instructional environment, individual students’ needs and skills, and teacher discretion. Provide students with materials, resources, or scaffolding to help students from a variety of backgrounds actively participate in the project.

Help students choose a project that conveys an appropriately complex group response to the Focus Question. The project scope should also be appropriate to the number of students in the group and the time allotted. Ensure that all students have a voice and feel ownership in their choice of project.

Here are some example Synthesis project ideas:

Example Project Ideas
Poster presentation Written report
Written dramatic script Creative expression: song or rap
Digital slide presentation Creative expression: visual art
Written narrative Creative expression: expressive dance
Video: commercial Creative expression: instrumental music
Vlog-style video Audio podcast
Written poetry  


If you want, you can limit the project types available until your students are familiar with the collaboration, discussion, planning, and development steps.