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Imagine Reading and Imagine Lectura are being retired on September 1, 2024. Learn more at Imagine Reading and Imagine Lectura end-of-life recommendations.



Imagine Reading helps students in Grades 3-8 become strong readers, critical thinkers, and confident communicators. To reach this goal, Imagine Reading follows an intentional, research-informed instructional sequence designed to help students achieve their highest potential.

Every unit starts with a teacher-facilitated Focus Question video and discussion that reflects a big idea incorporated throughout the unit. 

After the Focus Question, students move into a Deep Reading Cycle of 6 connected texts, each with its own Power Sentence lesson in which students deconstruct and reconstruct a complex, powerful sentence that carries important language and ideas worth discussing. 

Finally, after reading, thinking, and talking about the 6 passages included in the unit, students engage in a cumulative, collaborative Synthesis Project to demonstrate what they’ve learned. To do this, students may choose to create a video, a podcast, or a blog to show how their understanding of the answer to the Focus Question has evolved over the course of the unit.