Fluent Reader+ Getting Started Guide

In partnership with speech-recognition leader Soapbox Labs, Language & Literacy student fluency recordings are automatically scored with a Words-Correct-Per-Minute count and recitation accuracy percentage to showcase in the Student Portfolio.

You can use the expanded collection of Fluent Reader activities to deliver timed, one-minute fluency assessments to your students throughout the year and gather valuable insights for progress monitoring.

Assigning Fluency Activities

Many of the fluency activities are already assigned automatically to students as part of their learning sequence. These system-assigned activities reflect the themes, characters, and content of the book lessons from which the activity is launched. These activities can be assigned or reassigned manually as needed.

In addition, there are 36 fluency activities that are “cold” and not dependent on an accompanying book for context. These activities can be assigned to students throughout the year, at will.

To assign or reassign a fluency activity, follow the steps below. 

  1. From the educator Dashboard, open Activity Explorer.Fluent_Reader%2B-Activity_Explorer.jpg
  2. Find the fluency activity you want to assign. You can assign “cold” passages from the Oral Reading Fluency section.
    You can also assign or reassign contextualized passages using the Assignable Fluency Passages List as a reference.
  3. “Cold” fluency passages are organized by grade level and also by time of year. Use the benchmark windows to determine when to assign the Beginning, Middle, and End of Year fluency activities.
  4. Add the activity to a new or existing playlist. Refer to Creating a new playlist from the Activity Explorer for guidance.
  5. Edit the playlist to add or remove students from the assigned activity. Refer to Editing a playlist for guidance.
  6. The assigned student(s) will be presented with the fluency activity on their next login.