Competing in Imagine Robotify

Compete is Imagine Robotify's competition platform where teams across the world can compete against one another in virtual robotics competitions. Compete is a game-based learning tool where students compete in matches to advance their skills. Teachers can create Compete Coding Challenges for their students. 

After students develop and improve their mastery through the Imagine Robotify courses or when students feel ready, they can put their skills to the ultimate test. Coding skills are important in Compete. Students should program their Compete creations to complete a variety of tasks autonomously. This encourages students to develop and implement optimized algorithms while putting their basic programming skills to the test. It's a blend of gamification, e-sports, and education. 

To access compete

  1. Log in to Imagine Robotify.
  2. Select Competitions, then Home on the left menu.


  3. View multiplayer and single-player competitions, leaderboards, and coding challenges currently available. 

    Single-player competitions are asynchronous, so students can play whenever they want. Once students complete a challenge, the leaderboard updates. Click play ( playbutt.png ) on a challenge to participate.


  4. Leaderboards display the ranking of all teams competing, allowing you to see who is winning, losing, and earning points. Click a leaderboard to view more details, such as a countdown timer for the time remaining for a competition. Filter the leaderboard by teams, competition, and order the list by scores, wins, and losses.


Creating Competitions

To create a competition

  1. Select Competitions, then Create Competition on the left menu.


  2. Click Create Competition.


  3. Create Competition displays. Enter a title, start and end date, and student access level. Select a coding language and environment, then click Create Competition to enable students in the selected school to view the competition in the Compete Coding Challenges section of the Compete screen. Students are automatically registered for the competition and appear on the leaderboard when they click on the competition.



    Some competitions include a Practice link that allows students to create a new project or open an existing project outside of a competition and practice coding. They can then import that code and use it in a competition.