Resetting student passwords in Imagine Robotify

Teachers can reset student passwords by accessing My Classrooms. The password requirements include the following: 

  • Make sure your password isn't too similar to other personal information.
  • Password must contain at least eight characters.
  • Password should not be commonly used.
  • Password cannot be completely numeric.

To reset a password

  1. Log in to Imagine Robotify.
  2. Select Educator Home, then My Classrooms on the left menu.


  3. The Classroom Hub displays. Click the drop-down lists to access the classroom that contains the password to reset, then click Manage Classroom.


  4. Click Reset Password next to a student. resetpasswdbutton.png
  5. Enter a new password on the New Password and Repeat Password fields. Select Students can reset their password manually on the next login to enable students to reset their own passwords. Then, click Save Changes.