Understanding Imagine Robotify projects

The Projects section contains all of the projects you’ve created, forked, or obtained from other projects. However, you can select the Choose Program drop-down to filter projects by code language. Each project has a unique URL you can share with anyone. 


To access projects

  1. Log in to Imagine Robotify.
  2. Select Projects on the left menu.


  3. The Projects page displays. Click Preview Code to view the code in a project. This is helpful if you do not recall what the project is about.


Project Details

Select a project on the projects screen and click View Details to view additional information for that project, such as the creation date and how many times it’s been forked ( forkedblk_icon.png ). Projects that have been forked from your project help you see which students are engaging with your projects. projviewdetailsbuttonHL.png

Icon Description
likes.png Project likes
shareprojecticon.png Share project
forkedblk_icon.png The number of forks for a project
views.png The number of times the project has been viewed
editicon.png Edit project

Share Projects

To share a project, click its share icon ( shareprojecticon.png ), then Copy Link. You can paste the copied link into an email, etc.