Understanding Imagine Robotify Usage Reports

Imagine Robotify Usage Reports show district, school, class, or student-level data for registered students. The Statistics section at the top of the report shows the total registered students (click to view students and usage information), total tasks solved, and the total number of classrooms (click to view classes, usage information, and display a classroom). The reports enable Teachers and Administrators to view student progress by showing the daily and monthly active users, the amount of time students spend on Imagine Robotify on a daily basis, the number of projects created, total tasks attempted, successful task attempts, the number of competitive matches started, and average usage time for each class in Imagine Robotify by hours on a weekly and daily usage basis. The usage reports update in real-time.

To access usage reports

  1. Log in to Imagine Robotify.
  2. Select Educator Home, then Usage Reports on the left menu.


  3. Click the Classroom Filter dropdown list to choose one or more classes or enter the name of a class in the Search field. Select the Student Filter dropdown list if you want to filter by student. usgrpt_clssrmfiltHL.png
  4. Click View report after the report is processed. usgrpt_viewrprtbutton.png
  5. View the Statistics section to see the overall status of the report, such as the total registered students, total tasks solved, and the total number of classrooms. usgrpt_statistics.png
  6. Scroll to view the reports at the bottom of the screen. Hover your mouse pointer over the red circles to view details.


    Report Description
    Daily Active Users Daily users on Imagine Robotify.
    Monthly Active Users Monthly users on Imagine Robotify.
    Daily Users Active Seconds The total amount of time per day spent on Imagine Robotify by all students in a school.
    Projects Created The number of projects created; tracks data for usage of the CREATE framework.
    Total Tasks Attempted Total tasks students tried per day; tracks data for usage of the LEARN framework.
    Successful Task Attempts Tasks successfully started; tracks data for usage of the LEARN framework.
    Compete Matches Started The number of Roboduel matches started; tracks data for usage of the COMPETE framework.
    Average Usage Time Average weekly and daily usage time by hours for each classroom in a school.