Adding classes in Imagine Robotify

Educators can add classes, add and unenroll students from their classes, reset passwords, view student analytics, and more. Once a classroom is added in Imagine Robotify, you can manage it using Manage Classroom

To add classrooms 

  1. Log in to Imagine Robotify.
  2. Select Educator Home, then My Classrooms on the left menu.

  3. My Classrooms in the Classroom Hub displays. 
  4. Click the classroom drop-down arrows and choose Add Classroom (addclassroombutton_Brave.png) to add a classroom to the school. The Add Classroom button is not visible if you're using Clever or Google Classrooms. addclassrmdistHL.png 


    To add a classroom through Google Classrooms, click more options (more_options_button.png), then Sync Google Classes. You are redirected to log in to your Google account. Logging in links Imagine Robotify to your Google Classroom account. Further details on the Google end of this setup can be provided by Google Classroom Customer Support or your District IT department.

  5. Enter a class name, school name (optional), and select a grade level, then click Create Classroom.addclassroom.png