Adding students to a class in Imagine Robotify

Teachers can signup in Imagine Robotify and add students to a classroom by accessing Manage Classroom and uploading their Imagine Robotify rostering files to Imagine Robotify.

To add students to a classroom

  1. Log in to Imagine Robotify.
  2. Select Educator Home, then My Classrooms on the left menu.

  3. The Classroom Hub displays in the My Classrooms section. Select the school's drop-down arrow and click Manage Classroom for the class to which you want to add students.


  4. Options to add students display including any students that have been added.

Option Description


Use this with pre-existing students. This is the only way a pre-existing student can be added to the class. Once you give them the code, students must add themselves to your classroom by entering the unique class code you provide.

  1. Click Copy Code.
  2. Share the classroom code with students. You can paste the code into slides and emails or share it through your school management system.
  3. The student enters the class code on the widget flyout window via statsicon.png at the top right of the screen.
  4. The student is added to the classroom.




There are two ways to manually add students: One by one, or in batches using a CSV file.

One by one (Great for adding students on the fly):

  1. Click Start Adding, select Manually Add, and enter a student's first name, last name, username or email, and password. 
  2. Add more students by clicking Add Student.
  3. Remove a row by clicking X on the right side of the row.
  4. Add all students by clicking Create accounts & Enroll.
  5. If an error occurs while adding students, they are not created and an error displays below the row with the issue.

CSV file (Great for adding students in bulk):

  1. If you have a CSV file of students, you can add them to your classroom using the upload option. Prepare your CSV file with columns for first name, last name, username, and password.
  2. When your CSV file is ready, select Upload File to Add to open the file browser and locate your file or drag and drop the file into the Upload File window. Then click Upload.

  3. Click Create account & Enroll. Students are added to your classroom and are immediately visible.


Auto-generate student accounts by creating a prefix and entering the number of accounts required. Particularly useful to provide many generic accounts quickly. The core of the auto-generation is the prefix and number of students. 

  1. Enter the number of students that are in the class (e.g. 10). 

  2. All auto-generated accounts require a prefix, usually something descriptive (e.g. robotify_grade_4). Then, click Generate Accounts to see a list of usernames (sequentially numbered) and passwords.

  3. You can add additional student names by clicking the Add Student button. Click Create accounts & Enroll.

  4. If an error occurs while adding students, they are not created and an error displays below the row with the issue.

Once accounts are created, they appear in the classroom. After students are enrolled in the class, you can share their account details with them and their parents, particularly if you manually or auto-generated their account.

Add to google classroom

Displays the Google classroom page to choose classrooms to sync.