Using the Imagine Robotify Educator Resources

The Educator Resources section includes the curriculum maps and lesson plans that support the courses, including slides with speaker notes. Items in the Educator Resources section are geared toward Educators to provide them with the best possible experience with Imagine Robotify in the classroom. 

To use the Educator Resources 

  1. Log in to Imagine Robotify.
  2. Select Educator Home, then Educator Resources on the left menu.


  3. Your courses display. You can use the Search box to quickly find a particular course or resource.


  4. Click a course's dropdown arrow to view its list of resources.


    Section Description
    Curriculum Maps

    Empowers Educators to see how a given course may fit their needs, and makes it easy for Educators to modify or pick and choose courses, lessons or task sets as needed. The maps show how the main goals of a course are met and filter into the lesson plan goals and other resources. This allows Educators to make the best choice when choosing materials to use. The curriculum maps also help Educators address the concerns of stakeholders such as students, parents, school administrators, and local and national education officials. The maps also provide details on how each lesson plan and its associated courseware address particular standards like the CSTA standard or Australian digital technology achievement standard.

    If your system isn't listed, you can use the curriculum maps provided to create what you need.

    Lesson Plans

    Integrates the coding content found in the courses, discussion points, and non-code activities like included resources. These can be used as is or modified to suit your class.

    Also includes details about differentiation, meaning you can customize students learning as needed, to fit your teaching style.



    Slideshows are provided in pptx and PDF formats. You can download and modify them to serve as presentations, cheat sheets for students or visual materials.


    Teacher summaries are one page references for each lesson plan that are particularly useful for Educators who are teaching coding for the first time and want to have a quick activity reference on hand in the classroom.


    Non-code worksheets and handouts that support many activities in the example Lesson Plans and allow students to engage with activities that don’t require a screen.