Introducing Imagine Robotify

Imagine Robotify is the world’s best browser-based robotics simulator that teaches kids how to code in a fun, engaging, and playful way. Students can learn the fundamentals of coding from the power of their browser with zero downloads or installation required. There's no additional overhead or mechanical upkeep, making Imagine Robotify both affordable and accessible.

Axel's Mars Adventure is the flagship course aimed at students who are new to coding. So, if you are joining the platform with complete beginners, we advise starting on Semester 1 of Axel’s Mars Adventures.

Using our three-part foundational framework (Learn is Courses, Create is Projects, Compete is Roboduel), Imagine Robotify offers an immersive user experience allowing students to interact with unique virtual environments including a fleet of virtual robots. 

  • Learn – Imagine Robotify Learn teaches students the foundations of computer programming, such as loops, variables, functions, etc. With over 100+ hours, 1000+ challenges, and all the required educator resources, this industry-leading curriculum offers a one-stop-shop self-guided learning experience for any level.
  • CreateGoing beyond simple coding, Imagine Robotify Create encourages students to get creative and CREATE their own coding projects they can then share with their friends. Students learning collaboratively with peers stimulates creative thinking and allows for constant improvement of their coding skills through teamwork experience.
  • Compete – We believe in constructive competition to stimulate the learner's imagination and creativity. By engaging with Imagine Robotify’s COMPETE function, without realizing it, students learn and improve their coding skills. Students must constantly improve their code to outperform their classmates, creating a brilliant learning loop.

Imagine Robotify product features include:

  • Comprehensive guided programming curriculum with Blockly & Python (80% CSTA Alignment, 120+ hrs of content)
  • 900 coding challenges 
  • Real-life challenges in incredible 3D virtual environments
    • Underwater shipwrecks
    • Martian robots
    • Drones
  • Problem and game-based learning
  • Projects platform – Create & share coding projects
  • Compete enabled – Compete with peers at a school, district, state, or international level using programming
  • A suite of educator resources to provide teachers with lesson plans, curriculum alignments, and unplugged student activities
  • Student Analytics, student progress tracking, usage reporting, assignments

Skills students learn using Imagine Robotify: 

  • Collaboration using Imagine Robotify’s project system
  • Critical thinking
  • Problem-Solving
  • Block-based coding (Blockly)
  • Python, the coding language the Imagine Robotify platform is built upon
  • Engage with control structures, data handling, and conditionals