Introducing Imagine Robotify

Imagine Robotify is a browser-based robotics simulator that teaches kids how to code in a fun, engaging, and playful way. Students can learn the fundamentals of coding from the power of their browser. With no downloads or installation and no additional overhead or mechanical upkeep, Imagine Robotify is both affordable and accessible. Watch the video below for a preview.

Using our 3-part foundational framework—Learn, Create, and Compete—students interact with unique 3D environments, including a fleet of virtual robots. 

  • Learn – The Learn component teaches students the foundations of computer programming, such as loops, variables, and functions. With over 100+ hours, 1000+ challenges, and all the required educator resources, this industry-leading curriculum offers a self-guided learning experience for any level.
  • CreateGoing beyond simple coding, the Create component encourages students to make their own coding projects they can then share with their friends. Collaborating with peers stimulates creative thinking and allows for constant improvement of students' coding skills through the teamwork experience.
  • Compete – Constructive competition activates the learners' imagination and creativity. By participating in Imagine Robotify’s Compete function, students must constantly improve their code to outperform their classmates, thereby creating a brilliant learning loop.

Imagine Robotify product features include:

Skills students learn using Imagine Robotify: 

  • Collaboration
  • Critical thinking
  • Problem-solving
  • Block-based coding (Blockly)
  • Python, the coding language the Imagine Robotify platform is built upon
  • Control structures, data handling, and conditionals

Axel's Mars Adventure is the flagship course aimed at students who are new to coding. If you are joining the platform with complete beginners, we advise starting with Semester 1 of Axel’s Mars Adventures.