Viewing student analytics for Imagine Robotify

Student Analytics shows all course progress for all students in a classroom on Imagine Robotics at the district, school, and class levels. It allows teachers to observe student advancement, showing what tasks students completed, tasks they’ve attempted, and what task is next in a given set which in turn shows student achievements. 

When used in conjunction with the curriculum maps, the analytics shows evidence of achievements for the learning goals detailed in the Educator Resources. Teachers can compare a student's attempt at tasks with the recommended solution in order to help students if they run into issues with their coding. 

To view student analytics

  1. Log in to Imagine Robotify.
  2. Select Educator Home, then Student Analytics on the left menu.


  3. Student Analytics displays. Select a class from the Classroom drop-down list to view the learning path of every student in a course.  studentanalyselectclass.png
  4. Click a learning path to view student progress in the courses. 


  5. Select a course to view student progress on each task. analytics_courses.png
  6. Select a completion status in the table to compare the student's solution to the recommended solution, and view the number of attempts to reach the solution.

    You can click Change Progress to change a student's learning path. This is helpful if a student requires more or fewer challenges. Student_Analyticsc_complstatus.png

  7. Click the arrows (< >) to view the student's next solution in the course, or click Change Progress to change the student's learning path.



    To change a student's learning path, click Change Progress and select a student and a challenge, then click Update.