Viewing Student Analytics for Imagine Robotify

The Student Analytics page shows the course progress for all students in the classrooms to which you have access. It enables Teachers and Administrators to observe how far students have advanced in a course by indicating completed challenges, skipped challenges, and what challenge is next in a given course.

When used in conjunction with the curriculum maps, the analytics show evidence of achievements for the learning goals detailed in the Educator Resources. You can compare a student's attempt at challenges with the recommended solution in order to help students if they run into issues with their coding. 

To view student analytics:

  1. Log in to Imagine Robotify.
  2. Select Educator Home, then Student Analytics on the left menu.

  3. Select a class from the Classroom drop-down list to view course-level information for each student in the class.
  4. The progress bar refers to the number of challenges the student has completed within a given course, not how students are doing in each individual challenge. Click a course name to view student progress on each lesson in the course. 

    Progress Bar Description

    Light Gray: 0% completion 


    Red: between 1% and 19% completion


    Dark Gray: between 20% and 79% completion 


    Green80% or greater completion

  5. Click into a lesson to see more details. 

    lesson unlocked.png

    A challenge-by-challenge status displays with each challenge listed as Completed, Skipped, Incorrect, or Not attempted.

    • Completed – Student correctly completed the challenge.
    • Incorrect – Student submitted at least one incorrect attempt for the challenge and either moved to the next challenge (if the challenge is unlocked) or is still working on this challenge. 
    • Skipped – Challenge not required for the student because their progress was changed.
    • Not attempted – Student has not begun the challenge

    challenge level.png

  6. Click any Completed or Incorrect challenge to compare the student's most recent attempt of the solution to the recommended solution and view the number of attempts to reach the solution. Use the red forward and backward arrows to navigate from challenge to challenge. Click Change Progress to allow the student to skip or redo challenges.


  7. Click the X to exit the window and return to the Student Analytics table.