Understanding Imagine Robotify's Blockly workspace

The Blockly workspace is where you build programs using Imagine Robotify Blockly blocks, dragging blocks from the drawers into the workspace and positioning blocks together to make different kinds of programs. You can click and drag the workspace to move it, allowing you to create programs and modules that are separate from each other. 

To access the Blockly workspace: 

  1. Log in to Imagine Robotify.
  2. Select a Blockly course on the home page. The Blockly courses have the symbol in the top left corner of the course thumbnail.
  3. Click Play Now in the window that opens on the right side of your screen.
  4. The workspace displays.


  5. This table explains each section of the Blockly workspace and what you can do there.
Section Description

This section at the very bottom of your screen tells you what you need to do to complete the challenge.

Some instructions tell you what is happening, like this: 

Other instructions tell you exactly what you need to do:

Use the arrows to go backwards and forwards through the instructions.


The Robotiblockly drawers on the left side of the workspace contain all of the blocks you need to complete challenges. They will be grayed out if you don't need them in the challenge you're working on. 

Click and drag the blocks of code and lock them together. 

To open a context menu for options on duplicating and deleting blocks, and more, right-click in the workspace (two-finger drag on a touch device) or right-click on a block.

Learn more about using the Blockly drawers by clicking here.


Progress tracker

IR progress tracker.png

The progress tracker at the top of the screen shows how far you have progressed in the lesson and how many more challenges are left to complete. 

The challenge you're working on now is red, completed challenges are green, skipped challenges are orange, and challenges you haven't started are white.  

You can move to the previous or next challenge by clicking the arrows < >. You can jump to any challenge by clicking on a number. progress_tracker.png

 Radio button, zoom options, and trash can

The radio button (radial_button_center.png) allows you to center the workspace in the middle of all your blocks, making it easy to navigate larger programs.

The plus sign and minus sign at the bottom of the workspace let you zoom in and out of the workspace to see the whole program or focus on just one part.

Drag drawers you no longer want to the trash can to delete them.  (Sometimes the trashcan is hidden behind the instructions.) You can also delete blocks by dragging them back to their drawer or by right-clicking them and selecting Delete Block.


 Robot feed


The robot feed, also known as the simulation engine, is where you can see your robot in action in a three-dimensional (3D) environment.

Click play playbutt.png below the robot feed to run your code.

You can change the view by clicking and dragging on the robot feed to get a more useful view of the environment. You can zoom in and out using the mouse wheel or a two-finger drag on a touch device. You can also touch and drag the feed to suit your needs by clicking the red bar between the robot feed and workspace.

Enable full screen by clicking enable_wkspace_full_scrn.png in the top right corner of the robot feed.