Getting started with MyPath

MyPath K-12 is a supplemental reading and math program that optimizes learning according to each student's skill level and grade, enabling success at their grade level and beyond. It is aligned with the essential National and Texas standards.  

Logging In

  1. Login to MyPath.
  2. Enter your email address and password.
 Note: Educator action after the yearly reset

Once an educator's account is reset they'll receive an email with instructions on how to reset their password.  

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Educator Learning Environment 

  1. Understanding the Landing Page
  2. Learn how to contact Imagine Learning when needed

Everything Classes

  1. Understanding the Classes Grid
  2. Creating a Class
  3. Adding Students to a Class
  4. Manually Placing a Student on a Learning Path 

  5. Changing Student's Learning Path Grade Placement
  6. Editing or Removing a MyPath Assessment Window

Exploring Content

  1. Viewing the Lessons for a Student
  2. Viewing the Resources of a Lesson

Parent/Guardian Resources

  1. Welcome Email

  2. Welcome Letter: English & Spanish

  3. Family Letter

Using Reports to Guide Instruction*

  1. Class Summary Overview

  2. Class Progress Report

  3. Usage Report

*Report pages are only available to authenticated viewers. To unlock pages, access MyPath and click Help ( mypath_help_icon.png ).