Getting started with Imagine MyPath

The supplemental intervention product creates individualized learning paths to help maximize student academic growth.

Logging In

  1. Navigate to:
  2. Enter a username and password. If the login code was not included in step one's URL, then enter it in the Login Code box.

Educator Learning Environment 

  1. Understanding the Landing Page
  2. Learn how to contact Edgenuity when needed

Everything Classes

  1. Understanding the Classes Grid
  2. Creating a Class
  3. Adding Students to a Class
  4. Placing a Student in a Learning Path

    Manual MyPath Assessment

Exploring Content

  1. Viewing the Lessons for a Student
  2. Viewing the Resources of a Lesson

Parent/Guardian Resources

  1. Welcome Email

  2. Welcome Letter

    English Spanish

Using Reports to Guide Instruction*

*Report pages are only available to authenticated viewers. To unlock pages, navigate to the MyPath platform and click Help