Logging in to MyPath as a student

A student logs into their Edgenuity account by entering a username and password.

When manually creating or updating a student account, Usernames can be entered with keyboard special characters and most of the Alt-Code characters if those alt-code characters are copied/pasted. A username cannot contain any spaces. See details in Supported Alt-Code and Keyboard Special Characters.

Passwords must contain at least six case-sensitive characters without spaces. All the keyboard special characters are allowed. For more information, refer to Supported Alt-Code and Keyboard Special Characters.

Educators must follow the same guidelines for creating the student’s username and password when manually Creating a New Student Account.


A student is provided their Login URL, which contains the Login Code for their school. So, they would just have to enter their Username and Password.

Logging in as a student

  1. Navigate to the provided login URL. Each link is personalized with a school's login code. The beginning piece of the URL is https://student.app.edgenuity.com.
  2. Enter the Username and Password



    If the login code is blank, the teacher and/or school admin should be able to provide it. 
    It can be edited by selecting the pencil icon next to the code if needed. 

  3. Click Login