Changing the grade level for a student account

Educators can change a student's grade level. When a student's chronological grade is changed, MyPath deactivates their current individualized Learning Path and generates a new Learning Path for the student based on the new grade level and the current placement grade level.

A few things occur when you change a student's grade.

  • Class Summary Page – Student’s Progress Data (Passed/Failed Lessons) continue to display on the Class Summary Page with Students to Focus on, Usage, and Lessons to Focus. Progress made prior to changing the grade remains in place. 

  • Student Learning Path Page – All the progress (Passed/Failed Lessons and In Progress Lessons) are reset to 0 and new ILPs are assigned.

  • Student Progress Report – All student progress is refreshed and reset to 0.

  • Star Points earned remain and are not reset to 0. 

  • If the student is added to another class, then the Class Summary Page, Student ILP Report, and ILP Progress Report page display new ILPs and fresh data for the second class.


Student grade level cannot be manually changed if classes are managed via auto-imports.

To change the grade level for a student account

  1. Click Students in the left side bar. 


    District and School Administrators with one or more schools, select Users then Student Roster.


  2. Enter the student's name or username into the search box. Then, press Enter or select the search icon searchicon.png.
  3. Click the student's name.
  4. Click Edit in Settings.
  5. Choose a grade from the Grade Level drop-down list. 
  6. Click Save