Choosing a student sidekick or background

Students can choose a sidekick (or avatar) to represent them throughout MyPath. They can also choose a background. Students earn different sidekicks and backgrounds earned as they complete activities.

Students earn stars as they complete mastery checks throughout the lessons. No matter how the student performs in a mastery check, they will always earn at least one star - ultimately earning more as they show mastery of the skill or concept taught in the lesson. No stars will ever be lost or taken away because they do not pass a mastery check.

As students earn additional stars, new backgrounds and sidekicks (avatars) are unlocked so they can customize their learning experience. Students can check their status and items earned when they are logged in and click into the Fun Zone. As an educator, these pages will help show the students how to access this information:

To choose a student sidekick or background

  1. When logged in as a student, click the stars count. 


  2. Click My Stuff.


  3. Choose your Sidekick.


  4. Choose your Background.