Choosing a student sidekick or background

Students have the option to select a sidekick or avatar within MyPath that will serve as their visual representation throughout the platform. Additionally, they can choose a background to personalize their learning environment. By actively engaging in activities and completing tasks, students have the opportunity to unlock various sidekicks and backgrounds as rewards.

As students complete mastery checks within the lessons, they earn stars as rewards. Regardless of their performance in a mastery check, they will receive a minimum of one star. As students demonstrate mastery of the skill or concept taught in the lesson, they have the opportunity to earn more stars. It's important to note that no stars will ever be deducted or taken away if they do not pass a mastery check. However, earned stars are reset during the rollover to a new academic year. 

As students accumulate more stars, they unlock new backgrounds and sidekicks (avatars), allowing them to personalize their learning experience. To view their progress and the items they have earned, students can log in and click on the Fun Zone section. As an educator, you can guide students to these pages to help them understand how to access this information.

To choose a student sidekick or background

  1. When logged in as a student, click the stars count at the top of the screen, next to the student's name. 


  2. Click My Stuff.


  3. Choose your Sidekick.


  4. Choose your Background.