Timing out and logging out of Imagine MyPath

The following timeouts and warnings are produced for students and teachers during idle times.


After 85 minutes of no activity in the application, the Teacher, School Administrator, or District Administrator sees a message with a 5-minute warning and timer counting down. When the timer expires, the user will be logged out.


During any interaction outside of MyPath assessments, for example, inside a lesson or on the My Level or My Stuff pages, a message appears after 27 minutes of idle time. The message includes a timer indicating that the student has 3 minutes to resume activity, or the student will be logged out.

MyPath Assessment Timeouts

MyPath assessment timeouts are strategically designed to allow students enough time to comfortably work through items that are typical to each grade range. The timeout is intentionally kept short when compared to the MyPath instructional content so as to ensure the assessment’s integrity.

During a MyPath assessment, students who are not actively taking the test will see a pop up that asks, "Are you still there?" This pop up pauses the test until the student selects Resume. Students who do not resume are eventually logged out.

"Activity" is counted as any scrolling or clicking. Moving the mouse without either of those actions is not counted as activity. Interacting with other browser tabs and other programs also does not count as activity.

The rules for how long it takes before the "Are you still there?" pop up to appear vary by grade range and are slightly longer for older students who may need to do more reading or more complex math calculations to answer questions.

The "Are you still there?" pop up appears after:

  • 3 minutes for K-1 students
  • 4 minutes for 2-5 students
  • 5 minutes for 6+ students.

If students do not choose Resume once the pop up appears, they will be logged out after an additional 90 seconds have passed.