Imagine MyPath Release Notes

Release briefings are distributed whenever changes are made that affect the daily activities of our educators or students. These changes can be new features, enhancements or improvements to current features, fix bugs, or functionality that otherwise impacts your experiences while working within the product.

Current Release Notes:

NEW! 4/7/2022 –

  • Student Progress View
    Students can view their weekly and yearly progress for each enrolled subject.

1/24/2022 –

  • Waiting Periods associated with Assessment Windows can be edited

11/10/2021 –

10/28/2021 –

  • Lesson Reset
    A new message has been added to the confirmation provide more context to Educators.
  • Educators can now use an expanded list of special characters and alt-codes.

10/21/2021 –

  • Lesson Reset 
    Educators can now allow students to retake previously completed lessons by using the Lesson Reset.
  • Bulk Action – Assign Placement
    WNE users, District Admins, and School Admins can manually assign student placements for multiple students at a time using bulk action. Users can select one, some or all students.
  • Reassign Assessment button on MyPath Assessment Student Report
    Users can click “Reassign Assessment” to invalidate the student’s MyPath Assessment score for a specific test in a specific subject in the current testing window (for example Assessment 1 in Math). 
  • Placement Date is updated when student retakes an assessment and receives the same placement grade or higher

    Previously, if the student achieved the same placement grade when taking another assessment, the placement date was not being updated on the Student Placement page. 

    The placement date and source will now be updated to the most recent date and source, even if the placement grade is the same.

  • Allow usernames to be changed via CIC Update
    Districts can now change usernames by sending changes in their scheduled import.

  • Placement Date Time Zone is updated to use the School's current Time Zone Setting.
    The Time Zone that is used to generate the placement date for a student's placement has been updated. The NWEA and Renaissance placement date data will now be displayed using the time zone of the customer's current Time Zone setting.

8/5/2021 –

  • MyPath Assessment reports:

This report provides a quick view into how schools or a district performed on the

MyPath Assessment test(s) to date for the school year. These reports are available to Administrators. Learn how to access and read each report using the pages below. (Note – make sure to authenticate through the product by clicking Help before viewing the pages below).

  • NWEA/Renaissance ID fields are editable for all students. Educators can now create and/or update a student’s NWEA and Renaissance ID within the student’s account. Administrators also have the ability to edit a student’s external ID.
  • The Student Placement Date – Will now be generated based on the date that the Assessment result was successfully linked to the student’s profile, not just the date the Assessment was pulled into the database.
  • The Class Progress Report tab is changing from ILP Progress to Class Progress. The ILP Progress tab has changed to Class Progress and has moved next to the Class Summary to ensure teachers can access it easier

Past Release Notes