Viewing Student Progress

Imagine MyPath makes it easier for students to track their progress for each subject by providing a clear view of their usage and progress goals. Students can view their weekly and yearly progress for each enrolled subject. Teachers should encourage students to use the My Progress page to increase self-sufficiency. 

The My Progress tab provides a view of a student's weekly progress. The weekly view shows a student's active time, and the number of lessons completed and passed. A week is defined from Monday to Sunday.

The View Details button provides additional information, such as the lesson title, lesson completion date, and lesson score for the lessons completed in the current school year. 

Students can visualize their progression using the Active Time progress bar, which measures active time in increments of 15 minutes. The progress bar displays the number of minutes a student spent using MyPath. The number will continue to increase after the progress bar has reached full capacity at 60 minutes. 

To access the Student Progress view:

  1.  Click GO for the subject that you want to view student progress for.


  2. If you are a K-Grade 8 student: click the Star, then click My Progress.

    If you are a Grade 9-12 student: click your name, then click My Progress.

    MyPath displays the Weekly Progress for the subject that you chose.


  3. Click View Details to see the lessons you've completed throughout the year. Lessons that have been manually marked as Passed or Not Passed will display a Grading icon ( NMP-Parents-weekly_report-graded_icon.png ). Hover over the icon to view the name of the educator that modified the lesson.


  4. Click Print in the top right corner to print the My Progress page.