Enabling Spanish language for a student account

Enabling Spanish in the program enables students to receive lessons or assessments in Spanish and supports a native language experience for Spanish-speaking students.  

To enable the Spanish language 

Teachers School Admins (One School) School Admins (2+ Schools), District Admins
  1. Click Students on the left navigation bar. 

Continue with the following:

  1. Click the student's name. 

    If necessary, enter the name, username, or external ID of the student in the search box. Then click the search icon ( search_box_icon.png ) or press Enter on the keyboard.


    Search with as little as one letter or number. The more details provided, the smaller the search results. 

    student search box .png

  2. Click Edit next to Student Settings
  3. Select the desired lessons, then choose Save.  
    edit student settingsHL.png