Using MyPath Spanish Language Math

Spanish Language Math allows educators to control whether students will receive K-Grade 5 math lessons in English or Spanish. This program was written natively in Spanish to provide a true native experience for students. Imagine Learning staff can enable or disable the Spanish Language setting for a school district. Administrators and educators can also enable this setting for individual students who need language support. This platform provides support for students who speak Spanish as their primary language.  

This product is appropriate for English Language Learners and Dual Language classes. 

Getting Started

What needs to be known about the MyPath Spanish Language Math to manage Spanish Math courses successfully?

Action Action Description Article Resources
Understanding the Homepage Learn about all the buttons on the Homepage after logging into the system.

District Admin

School Admin (2+ schools)

School Admin (1 school)


Create a Class  Create classrooms for grouping students together to manage in one place. Creating a Class
Adding Students to a Class Learn how to add students to a Class. Adding Students
Enabling Spanish Math Learn how to turn on the Spanish Language functionality for a student.

Enabling Spanish Math

*The Language setting change will take place when the student begins the next lesson. If the student is currently in a lesson, the lesson will remain in the same language until the lesson is completed.

Viewing Student Placement Learn how to view a student's placement and language setting. Viewing the Placement(s) of Students
Changing a Student Placement Learn how to change a student placement and language setting. Changing the Placement Level of Students

Monitoring Students

The reports will indicate the language in which the student completed the lesson. In addition, the language will be indicated on the Class Summary Lesson Widget, in the Lessons to Focus On. A language indicator will be located on the right of the student's name.

Action Action Description Article Resources
Usage Report Analyze data at the student, class, and school level.

Usage Report for Schools in a District

Usage Report for Classes in a School

Usage Report for Students in a Class

Usage Report for an Individual Student

Class Summary Dashboard Find a breakdown on Class performance for the past 7 days. Identify which students and lessons need attention as well as the average time students are using the program.

Students to Focus On – All Students

Students to Focus On – One Student

Lessons to Focus On