Using the district administrator dashboard

Upon logging into Mypath District Administrators are taken to their dashboard which contains various options to access essential data.


Title Description
District The name of the school district.
Login URL Click the link to copy the login URL for MyPath. This can be helpful when assisting students who need help with logging into MyPath.
Usernname and profile

District Administrator's username (concealed in the screenshot). Click the username dropdown arrow to open the profile page, or log out of MyPath.

Page Tabs

Upper navigation bar options:

  • Schools: access the Classes page where Educators can create, edit, and delete classes.
  • Students: access the Student Roster page, enabling viewing and editing student profile settings, or the Student Placement page, allowing editing placements, deactivating learning paths, and adding an assessment ID for Renaissance or NWEA.
  • Educators: access educator profile settings, or create and deactivate an educator.
  • Assessments: view assessment settings and assessment schedule to add or edit assessment windows.
  • Academic Sessions: view academic session dates for each school year.
  • Settings: view the Institution ID, External Institution ID, Login Code, URL, and Time Zone for the district.
Left Sidebar (LSB) The left sidebar (LSB) provides quick access to features and essential data. The LSB is “static,” which means the buttons do not change; it remains accessible on every page in MyPath. 
Institutions Names The list of names for schools and districts. Click the arrow to sort the column by alphabetical order. 

This can be a school or district. Click the arrow to sort the column.

Resource Center

The Resource Center (question_mark_upd.png) includes:

What's New lists new features.

When accessing the Help Center within MyPath, users are authenticated for all pages available in the Help Center.