Imagine Purpose Overview

While it may seem daunting to learn a new system before school starts, we have created a quick-start guide of resources in an effort to reduce some of the stress.

Imagine Learning offers Imagine Purpose K-Grade 5, a foundational social and emotional learning course for elementary students. All students benefit from Purpose instruction to proactively build these skills to use throughout their day. Our youngest students are introduced to the six primary emotions as they practice recognizing the emotions in themselves and others. As students progress, they begin to practice regulating their emotions and having appropriate emotional responses to others.

The module presents a broad set of lessons and activities that focus on building essential social and emotional learning skills. Including age-appropriate digital lessons, scored mastery checks, and a teacher toolkit with printable resources. Content is built on self-awareness, self-management, responsible decision-making, relationship skills, and social awareness. There are three units per grade level, which include five lessons in each unit for a total of 15 lessons for each grade. Students are assigned lessons based on their academic grade level.

Downloadable resources to support the implementation of Imagine Purpose:

Imagine Purpose K-Grade 5 Lessons CASEL- Purpose Prep K-Grade 5
Workbooks Posters


Workbook and poster pages require authentication to access, click Help from within the product before accessing them. 

Placement Grade

The default placement grade is the student's current academic grade level. Students are automatically assigned to their current academic grade level when Purpose is enabled. For example, a 3rd-grade student is automatically assigned a 3rd-grade Purpose placement. 

Monitoring Students

Reports to help track the progress of students: 

Topic Description Article Resources
Usage Report Analyze data at the student, class, and school levels.

Usage Report for Schools in a District

Usage Report for Classes in a School

Usage Report for Students in a Class

Usage Report for an Individual Student

Class Summary Dashboard View a breakdown of class performance for the past seven days, and identify which students and lessons require attention including the average time students are using the program. 

Students to Focus On – All Students

Students to Focus On – One Student

Lessons to Focus On

Class Progress Report Quickly view class progress and who may require help with lessons and domains.

Progress Report