Deactivating a class

Administrators and Teachers can deactivate a class via the Classes screen. Deactivating a class may be necessary at the end of a semester or school year. Student accounts remain active and unaffected. 

To deactivate a class as a teacher:

  1. Log in to the Imagine MyPath suite
  2. Click more options ( more ) on the applicable class from the Classes screen, and click Deactivate
    teacher classes_deactivate classHL.png
  3. Choose Yes to confirm. 

To deactivate a class as an administrator:

  1. Select the applicable class on the Classes screen. If necessary, use the search box to find a class. 
    admin 1 schoolHL.png


    District Administrators and School Administrators with more than one school, select Schools on the left navigation, then select a school in the Schools tab.


  2. Select more options ( more ) on the row of the applicable class, then click Deactivate
  3. Click Yes to confirm.