Understanding how students are placed in Imagine MyPath

MyPath provides several methods for placing students. One way is through Assessment Integration. MyPath provides an adaptive placement assessment as well as integrations with NWEA MAP testing and Renaissance STAR Assessments. If your district or school has established these integrations, student test scores will be synced with MyPath to automatically create placements or to update them after new test events. However, educators can modify the placements set by Assessment Integration if they determine that a student should begin with lower-grade content or if they feel the student is ready for higher-grade-level content.

Another way to place students is through manual placement. For districts without assessment integrations, or to enroll a student without assessment results, MyPath provides the ability to quickly place the student manually. Manual placement controls can also be used to modify a student’s learning path if an educator determines the student should receive lower grade content or if they feel the student is ready for higher grade level content.

For larger organizations without an assessment integration, Imagine Learning services teams can assist in quickly placing students into their enrolled grade or can work with educators to place students of non-integrated assessments using a spreadsheet import.

If there are further questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact our Product Support team for assistance.