Changing the ILP grade placement for a student

Use this page to edit the ILP grade placement of a student. 

If a student has completed their learning path, learn more about the best practices before changing the placement of a student.

Students who are not challenged by the current learning path can be manually placed in a higher one by an educator. When a student placement is changed to a higher grade, MyPath will assign lessons of the new placement. A student can be moved up a maximum of three grades from their enrollment grade, however, there is no limit on being moved down grade levels.

Educators must manually change a student's placement to a lower grade if they if the student has difficulty passing the lesson. If a student scores lower than currently assigned on an assessment, they will remain at their current level until an educator manually moves them down an ILP placement. MyPath will also readjust that student’s learning path. 

In our new program, we are taking a slightly different approach from the current 10-point arbitrary “RIT Range” approach that Pathblazer has today. There is not a strong instructional reason why each range should span 10 points. So, in our new program, we align overall Goal/Instructional Area RIT scores to grade-level expectations in each instructional area and then place students accordingly. This makes it easy for teachers to see how the NWEA scores result in instructional-level placement in our curriculum.

To change the placement level of a student:

Teachers School Admins (One School) School Admins (2+ Schools), District Admins
  1. Select the class tile.

Continue on with the following steps: 

  1. Click Student Placement
  2. Select the Option icon mceclip4.pngfor the desired lesson, then click Edit Placement.
  3. Under the Select Grade dropdown, select the new placement grade for the student. The grade currently assigned is not an option to select.
  4. Click Update
  5. The Placement Grade has been updated.