Changing MyPath students Learning Path grade placement

District Admins, School Admins, and Teachers can edit the Learning Path grade placement of a student by accessing Student Placement.

Educators should understand best practices before changing student placement when they've completed their learning path. Educators can manually place students not challenged by the current learning path into a higher learning path, or change placements for those having difficulty passing the lesson. MyPath automatically assigns lessons for the new grade placement.

To change the grade placement of a student:

Teachers School Admins (One School) School Admins (2+ Schools), District Admins
  1. Choose the class card.

Continue with the following: 

  1. Click Student Placement
  2. Select more options ( more_options.png ) for a lesson, then click Edit Placement.
  3. Click the Select Grade drop-down list in the New Placement column and choose a placement grade. The current placement grade is not an option.
  4. Click Update


When the student's placement grade changes, the new placement grade, the teacher or source of the change, and the date of the update display on their progress report.