Completing a student's ILP (Individualized Learning Path)

When a student completes the ILP (Individualized Learning Path) that they were assigned, an educator must complete steps for a student to proceed. A learning path has been completed when: 

  • A student doesn't see any new lessons to access. All lessons in the learning path will appear with completion checkmarks. 
  • An educator navigates to the student's individual ILP lesson list and/or the Class Progress page for the class and:
      • On the ILP lesson list, there are no lessons with In Progress status for that grade and there are no Upcoming lessons either.
      • On the Class Progress Report, a student's progress will show as 100%. 

Once it is determined the student did complete their learning path, it is important to understand the options available based on the scenario most relevant to the student. 

First, navigate to the student's current list of lessons in their ILP and analyze how a student did on the lessons: 


From there, if a student has:


We recommend that students demonstrate mastery of most, if not all, skills in their current ILP before moving on to the next level because knowledge and understanding builds from one level to the next. Generally, this means that students should have passed 80%-100% of their assigned lessons. If students have not shown mastery in MyPath but separate assessment of the students’ knowledge indicates they do understand the concepts, you may wish to mark the lessons each student understands as “passed” in MyPath to better focus on the remaining gaps.