Reassigning a Lesson for a Student

Educators can allow students to retake lessons that have already been completed. Lesson reassign provides an opportunity for educators to further assist students who may need additional help or practice mastering a subject.

How reassign a lesson affects reports

  • Student Progress Report – When a lesson is reassigned, the lesson status changes to "Upcoming" and the previous attempt data remains in place until the student begins the new attempt.
  • Class Summary Report – When a lesson is reassigned, the data for that student attempt is removed from the Class Summary. This prevents confusion if the student has attempted the same lesson multiple times within the Class Summary reporting period. In addition, it helps teachers identify the most actionable data.
  • Class Progress Report – When a lesson is reassigned, the lesson will be shown as "Not Started". When the student completes another attempt, the report will update to reflect the new data. A lesson will always display the results of the most recent attempt.
  • Usage Reports – Usage reports retain a record of all lessons and the time a student has spent in MyPath, even if lessons have been reassigned.

How reassigning a lesson affects students

  • When a lesson is reassigned, and the student has a lesson "In Progress", the student needs to complete the lesson that is "In Progress". Then, the reassigned lesson will be available for that student. 
  • When multiple lessons are reassigned, the student will be sent back to the earliest lesson that was reassigned in their Learning Path. When that lesson is complete, the student will be directed to the next lesson that was reassigned in their Learning Path. This will continue until the student works their way back to the lesson that was available before the earlier lessons were reassigned. 

To reassign a lesson

Teachers School Admins (One School) School Admins (2+ Schools), District Admins
  1. Select the class tile.

Continue on with the following steps: 

  1. Click a student's name from the Class Summary page.

  2.  Click Reassign icon mceclip1.png for the desired lesson.
  3. Select Reassign to confirm.
  4. The Reassign icon will no longer appear. 
  5. The lesson will also be displayed in the Upcoming tab.