Using the school administrator (2+ schools) dashboard

School Administrators assigned to 2 or more schools are directed to the Schools page upon logging in. After selecting a school, you can view classes and access additional features and functionalities that enable efficient management of your assigned schools.

school admin 2+ schools dashboard.png


Title Description 
Site Code

Click View Site Code to view and copy the site code for MyPath.

Provide this code to students for login assistance. 

Username and profile School Administrator's name. Click the dropdown arrow to open the profile page, or log out of MyPath. 
School Name List of schools to which the School Administrator has access. 
Select a school to view the educators and students in the school. 
Left navigation bar

The left navigation provides quick access to features and essential data. It is “static,” so the buttons do not change, and remain accessible on every page in MyPath. Click IL Product (IL Product img.png) on the bottom left of your screen to return to the product selection page.

Resource Center

The Resource Center (question_mark_upd.png) includes new features, Help Center resources, an option to connect with your peers, and details for accessing support.

When you access the Help Center within MyPath, you're authenticated and authorized to view articles available in the Help Center.