Creating a student account in MyPath

Teachers have the ability to create new student accounts, where the student's username is restricted to a login code domain. Students must use a unique code to access their respective sites. Usernames cannot have spaces. Passwords must consist of case-sensitive characters and range from 4 to 256 characters in length without spaces. 

The student's school can be modified by administrators. When a student's record enters the program through an automatic import educators cannot manually manage that information. 


  • If you're adding numerous accounts we recommend rostering through bulk import.
  • If you're adding just one or a few accounts, there are two ways to access the individual rostering tools—you can follow the steps below (which begin within Imagine MyPath) or you can take similar steps starting from the Product Selection screen

To create a student account

  1. Log in to the Imagine MyPath suite.
  2. Choose Students on the left navigation. 
    Students leftnavHL.png
  3. Click Create Student at the top right of the screen. 
    create std button.png
  4. The Student Profile screen displays. Provide the necessary details for the student, including their first name, last name, grade level, username, and password, then click Next.

    If necessary, include a third-party ID. Usernames are unique to a login code domain, and passwords must consist of case-sensitive characters and range from 4 to 256 characters in length without spaces. All keyboard special characters are permitted.

    std profileHL.png
  5. Choose the optional student preferences, such as Text-to-Speech, Language Translation Tools, ELL, Spanish Language, MyPath Assessment, and First Language, then click Save.

    Click Previous to return to the Student Profile screen or Cancel if you do not wish to create a student account.  Student settings-teacherHL.png

    Term Description
    Text-to-Speech Enables the reading of instructional and assessment content to students for the chosen subject.
    Language Translation Tools Translates written instructional and assessment content for the selected subject to another language.
    ELL English Language Learner for reporting (optional).
    Spanish Language Enables Grades K-5 students to receive Math lessons, the MyPath Math Assessment, and Science lessons in Spanish. Only MyPath Math K-5 provides Spanish language videos.
    MyPath Assessment MyPath's assessment tool is used for student placement.
    First Language Native or primary language communicated and understood, and typically forms the foundation of linguistic and cognitive development.