Viewing the lessons in a student's ILP

Teachers can view lessons from a student's ILP. Teachers cannot align MyPath activities to parallel the classroom as MyPath works best with MAP scores. The product roadmap contains tools that allow Teachers to create custom paths and access playlists of lessons. Teachers cannot pull lessons to assign to their class or customize lessons and generate reports of the results. If the ILP changes, Teachers can use the Student ILP report to view work the student has completed, the current pathway, and assigned content. Although Teachers cannot assign completed lessons to students, they can use the Class Progress Report to view a student's work from a previous placement.


Teachers can only view lessons in ILP that students haven't completed. 

To view the lessons in a student's ILP

  1. Click the class card.
  2. Click Class Summary if not already selected.
  3. Click a student's name.
  4. The lessons in the ILP display. 

Select more options (more_kebab_menu_3verticaldots.png) next to a lesson to complete the following actions:

Resetting a Lesson as an Educator Allow students to retake lessons they already completed. 
Marking a Lesson As Passed Manually mark lessons as Passed.
Marking a Lesson as Not Passed Manually mark lessons as Not Passed.
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