Accessing Offline Resources for a Lesson

Educators have access to printable worksheets that are designed to support teachers working with students who require reteaching based on mastery check performance. These worksheets provide a structure for small groups or 1:1 reteaching interactions between a student and a teacher. These will guide students through key foundational concepts necessary for the major work of the grade level. They are built to scaffold and include initial review, structured practice, additional independent practice, and finally an opportunity to demonstrate understanding. 

Currently these worksheets are not editable PDFs. We are considering future improvements to these PDFs, and welcome any feedback or suggestions about this. Until then, these are best used when working directly with the educator during a 1:1 session or in a small group to review the concept. They can be printed individually. 

All the worksheets are available in English, with K-5 Math available in Spanish for the students enrolled in Spanish Math. 

Working with students

While there are a many ways to utilize the offline resources, there are two that are recommended for educators to use when working with the students. 

  1:1 Small Group
Which option is best? 
  • When a student is far from passing a lesson
  • When a student needs assistance
  • The student is the only student who has not passed the lesson 
What is the classroom environment during this time? 
  • Other students are working independently on the MyPath program
How often should this be done? 
  • A teacher should be checking the Class Summary page daily. 
  • Work one-on-one with student(s) as needed
  • A teacher should be checking the Class Summary page daily. 
  • Build in time to reteach at least once a week
**Junior High and High School
  • If there is not a dedicated class period for students to work on MyPath, ensure there is a facilitator to have tutorial time to reteach student(s)
  • If students are virtual, have students complete the Guided Notes for the lesson and then meet virtually with them to review the concept. 

Completing Offline Resources

After working with the student(s), it is important to follow up on the student's progress within the MyPath system. 

  • If the student mastered the lesson after working with the teacher/educator on the worksheet, mark the lesson as passed
  • If the student did not master the lesson after working with the teacher/educator on the worksheet, either leave as not passed or reset if the student would benefit from going through the same lesson again. 
    • Should the lesson be left unpassed, a student may have to redo it later if they are sent back to the lesson due to the built-in adaptivity functionality
    • A lesson reset would be the exact lesson the student just completed. The quiz bank is the same, but the question order may change. 

To access Offline Resources for a lesson

  1. Select the Class title from the landing page.
  2. On the Class Summary page, select the resources icon to access the Lesson Resources.

  3. The teacher version is labeled Teacher Version. The student version does not have a label. Select a worksheet. 
  4. The PDF file will open in a new tab.