Creating a class in MyPath K-12

Teachers can use this page to create new classes. Unique class names are not required but recommended. Educators can add one or more observers to the classes they create. Create the observer as an additional teacher and then assign a subset of students to that teacher. Educators can assign an unlimited number of teachers to a class. An observer can be a Lab Manager, Resource Teacher, or School Coach. Observers can view student data only for the students in the class they are assigned. For example, a Lab Manager working alongside a small group of students can be added as an additional teacher who can view and track the progress of those students. 

If subjects aren't displayed in the Subject field Teachers should refer to Administration; Administrators should refer to the Account Manager. 

To create a class:

  1. Click Classes from the left navigation bar. 
  2. Click Create Class
  3. Enter the student's class name, one or more teachers, and one or more subjects. 


    An unlimited amount of District Administrators, School Administrators, and Teachers can be added to the Teacher field.

  4. Click Create.
  5. The Roster page for the Class displays. 


To learn how to add students to the class, click here.