Viewing Imagine Galileo Writing Test Score Reports

Administrators and Teachers can use the Writing Test Score report to see student performance on Imagine Galileo Writing Benchmark Tests.

To View Writing Test Score reports

  1. Log in to Imagine Galileo.
  2. Click Reports > Test Scores > Writing Test Scores.


    The Writing Test Scores option is only available if you have students who have writing tests that need to be graded or have been graded.


  3. Choose Class or Intervention Group.


  4. If you selected Class, choose the School and Class for which you want to generate a report.


    If you selected Intervention Group, choose the Intervention Group Library and Intervention Group for which you want to generate a report.


  5. Use the Test Library drop-down to choose the library that contains the test for which you want to generate a report.


  6. Use the Test drop-down to choose the Test for which you want to generate a report.


  7. You can see a list of students in the class, their individual scores for the overall test, and the points earned for each trait. Click Score Writing Tests to view a copy of the writing test. Click Scoring Rubrics to view the rubric used to score the test. Click School View to see the number and percentage of students in each risk level. writingScoreReport.png