Using the teacher Dashboard in Pathblazer

Use this page to find information about the different sections of the 'At a Glance' area of the Dashboard.

Once logged in, teachers have an area of the homepage that provides a summary of his/her student's progress.


Use the table below to learn about each tab. 

Option Description
Tabs Use the tabs to choose what information to display on the chart.
Pie Chart/Graph The chart shows data for the average scores on recent assignments as well as on recent assessments. Hover over each section to see more details.
Class If more than one class was created, select one to see its information. Click the class name to choose one.
Assignment dropdown The ten most recent assignments will be available from the assignment dropdown.
Left/Right arrows Use the left and right arrows as an alternative way to choose the assignment.
Assessments Tab If the Assessments tab is selected, choose a standard, subject, and grade level for the score to view. The chart then displays the average scores for that objective. 
External Test If the External Test tab is chosen, the data will display for this selection instead.