Viewing the Class Progress report for a student

This page shows how an individual student is doing. Scores, completion dates, specific assessment responses, and a preview of learning activities along with additional printable resources can all be seen from here.

To follow the steps listed below, you will need to be logged in with a Teacher account.

  1. Click the Courses & Assignments tab.
  2. Select Class Progress.
  3. To view the class progress for a single student, click the + symbol next to the class name to expand the list of students. Then click the name of the student.
  4. Select Details of the assignment to view.
  5. In the Details panel, to view the content of a task in the assignment, select the name of that task. 
  6. To view the student's answers to an activity quiz, lesson quiz, or chapter within the assignment, click the score next to the quiz or test.
  7. The assessment will open in a new window. An educator can see if the answer was marked correct or incorrect, but will not see the correct answer to a question that was answered incorrectly. For a hardcopy, an educator can click Print.
  8. If the assessment was a Diagnostic Pre-Test, clicking the score will display a list of standards mastered and not mastered in an Objective-based Test Summary. To learn how to run the report, click here.