Understanding the gradebook


Within the gradebook, a teacher can view various items pertaining to a course. Here are some of the items:

  • A window will display that shows students' grade and progress with the assignment(s) that is associated with the selected course. To view more details on specific activity grades, click Assignment Grades. This page will display the average and individual scores for each of the activities.
    • The PB-Gradebook-not_started_icon.png icon will indicate an activity that has not been started yet.
  • To view specifics for an individual student, click Student Grades. Use the drop down at the top of this page to select a student. The assignment(s) linked to the course will display. By default, this will only show the activities that have been completed.
  • To view all activities within the assignment, click Settings.
    • A new window will display for the settings. Checkmark the option Show full Course and click OK.
    • All activities will now display with a status of either Complete, In Progress, or Not Started. All completed activities will display with a time stamp under the Date Completed column. Only activities that count for a grade will show a score under the Score Total column.


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