Using the Imagine Lectura Student Home Page

The Imagine Lectura student Home page shows the passages the student has in progress, units recommended for the student, and units the student has completed. By default, the Home page opens after students log in to the student program. Teachers should advise their students to access the Home page and click Empezar to get started if it's the first time a student has accessed the program, or Continuar Trabajado to proceed with completing incomplete units. Students can continue working independently on the featured unit and advance towards completing all units. The featured unit is the last unit the student was working on in Imagine Lectura.  


Teachers, encourage your students to access the Home page and click the Continuar trabajado button to continue progressing through the passages in the selected unit.  


Section Description

Imagine Lectura displays the Home page.

The Home section enables student progress towards completing every unit. It shows the units students have completed, recommended units, and the passages they have in progress.

The Unit Library shows a list of available units, including the units students are currently working on in the In Progress section.

ilec_contwrkng.png Continuar trabajado enables students to proceed with the last unit in which they were working.

The En Progreso section shows units in which students are currently working.


Units recommended for students display in the Recomendado para Ti (IR_Ilec_recommended.png) section.

Click Ver mas/Ver menos to view additional or fewer recommended units.


The Completado section shows the units students have completed.