Understanding the Enrollment report

Use this page to learn about the various options available when configuring the Enrollment Report.

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Option Description
Report Name Designate how the name of the report will appear when finished.
Enrollment Specify whether students who are enrolled, not enrolled, or both are shown in the report.
Show Details Choose which details will be present on the final report.
Group By Specify how the students will be grouped.


Option Description
Search Options for My Classes, My Students, Groups, Student Search Used to locate students to add to the report. If Classes or Groups have been created previously, educators may utilize them here to avoid searching and adding students to the report individually.



Option Description
Status Indicate if the report will be emailed to any recipients.
Start This option only becomes active if Status is set to "On". Choose when the report will first be emailed.
Stop This date defaults to the start date and if not changed, the report will never be sent routinely. 
Run report This option only becomes active if Status is set to "On". Determines the frequency for how often the report is generated and emailed.


Option Description
Run Now A new window will pop-up and the report will generate. This may take several minutes as report processing time varies based on size and connection speed.
Run Offline This option processes the report in the background, allowing users to freely navigate in the system during this time. The report will be added to the Reporting Queue when completed.