Viewing the Class Progress report for a class

This page shows how an entire class is doing, as a whole. Scores, completion dates, specific assessment responses, and a preview of learning activities along with additional printable resources can all be seen from here.



  1. Click the Courses & Assignments tab.
  2. Select Class Progress.
  3. Classes are listed in the left navigation panel. Click the name of a class.
  4. Click the name of the assignment to see the activities that are included in it.
  5. In the new View Assignment window that appears, click the title of the assignment to preview the content.
  6. Standards for the assignment can be seen from the same View Assignments window by scrolling down.
  7. Additional resources are available from the View Assignment window such as printable Student Worksheets (PB-Class_Progress-S_icon.png), the Lesson Key (PB-Class_Progress-L_icon.png), and Remediation Activities (PB-Class_Progress-R_icon.png).