NWEA Implementation in Imagine Math PreK-2

Imagine Math Grade PreK-2 offers NWEA MAP Growth Assessment automated integration that uses student testing data to create personalized Imagine Math Learning pathways for students.  NWEA Custom Learning Pathways use domain-specific RIT score ranges to map to Imagine Math instructional pathway content. Following each MAP assessment that students take throughout the school year, RIT scores automatically adjust each student's grade-level pathway to accurately meet learning needs throughout the academic year. 


If your student begins using Imagine Math before taking the MAP Growth Math Assessment, Imagine Math PreK-2 uses your student's previous MAP score (as far back as last semester) to place them. If your student hasn't taken the MAP Growth Math Assessment, they'll start the first lesson in the default pathway for their assigned grade level. Once NWEA MAP scores have been shared, each student’s learning pathway(s) will automatically adjust based on their RIT scores.

Following MAP testing, RIT scores determine student placement in Imagine Math as follows:

  • Domain-specific RIT score ranges have been mapped to Imagine Math instructional content.
  • Beginning-of-Year MAP RIT scores automatically provide personalized placement within each student’s grade-level pathway.
  • Subsequent MAP assessment outcomes automatically adjust each student’s grade-level pathway to best meet their learning needs throughout the academic year.


Imagine Math PreK-2 does not support the creation of custom pathways, so there are no domain-specific RIT pathways to supplement or replace the default pathway. To learn more about the Supplemental and Replace options, refer to Using NWEA Domain-Specific RIT Pathways in Imagine Math Grade 3+.

To Access the NWEA Pathways:

  1. Log in to the Math Suite. If this is your first time logging in, choose Imagine Math.


  2. If your organization is using NWEA MAP integration with Imagine Math PreK-2, the Benchmark section of your dashboard has a link to the NWEA Growth Assessment portal.


  3. The alert message Your organization is using NWEA MAP to assess some students in Imagine Math. To view growth and assessment data for these students, visit NWEA appears in the following places in Imagine Math:

    Home window


    Benchmark Report Header



    Students utilizing the NWEA MAP auto-integration are still listed in the Benchmark Report and Roster.