Running an Objective-based Test Results Report

The Objective‐based Test Results report displays student, class, or school performance on objective‐based tests. These tests include objectives aligned to Common Core, state, or end-of course-standards for a particular subject. District administrators can generate a report for each school account, in order to compare schools within a district and analyze students' progress toward mastering objectives.

If building your own tests and learning paths via Test Builder: Educators can measure gains by administering the same test twice—as a pre‐test and post‐test. To display progress, the most recent instance of an assigned test must be a copy of the original test. Note: To measure gains, you must make a copy of the pre‐test, save it, and assign it as a post-test. Creating a second test that is not a copy—even if it is identical to the first—and assigning it as a post‐test will not measure gains.


For detailed information on the following report options and setting, click here.

  1. Click the Reports tab.
  2. Click Assessment Reports located under CompassLearning Reports.
  3. Click Settings in the row of Default Objective-based Test Results Report.
  4. A new window will open. Make sure the Details tab is selected.
  5. Set the report name, date range, and display options.
  6. Click the Objective-based Tests tab. 
  7. Set th report name, date range, and display options. 
  8. Click the Students tab.    
  9. Select specific students and/or groups of students for the report. 
  10. Checkmark one or more import file results, then click Add Selected Items.
  11. Click the Schedule & Send tab.
  12. Set to the desired settings to schedule the report generation and emails. 
  13. Click the Run tab.
  14. Select Run Now to start generating the report and stay on the reporting screen. Select Run Offline to start generating the report in the background which allows the Educator to continue moving freely through the system.

    If the report is run offline, the status of the report can be viewed in My Reporting Queue on the Reports tab.

  15. When finished, click the Exit icon PB-Reports-test_item_summary_report_overview-exit_icon.png located in the top right corner.