Understanding the Objective-based Test Result report

Use this page to learn about the various options available when configuring the Objective-based Test Result Report.

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Option Description
Report Name Designate how the name of the report will appear when finished.
Date Range Determine the timeframe for the report.
Show Results for each Select Test to have the report show results for each test as a whole. Select Objective to show results for each objective in each test.
Show Details for each Select Student to see results for each individual student. Select Class to see results grouped together by class. 
Show Summaries Select Yes to be shown a summarized view of the test results per test. Select No to be shown a more detailed view on the report.
Display Select Data to view a report showing dates, raw scores, and percentage scores for the first and most recent tests, as well as the percentage gain from the first to most recent test scores. Select Graphs to view the first and most recent scores represented graphically by proportional horizontal bars and expressed as percentages. 
Include data from previous schools Indicate if data from previous schools is included in the report. An example of this would be running the report for a transferred student.
Display % Gains and averages for Classes Indicate whether you want the report to include percentage point gains and percentage point averages for each class.


Option Description
Subject Specify the subject of the test being searched.
Grade Specify the grade level of the Objective-based Test being searched. 
Availability Select the availability that the Assignment, which contains the Object-based Test, was created.

Pathblazer automatic learning paths live under My District.


Option Description
Search Options for My Classes, My Students, Groups, Student Search Use to locate students to add to the report. If Classes and Groups have been created previously, educators may utilize them here to avoid searching and adding students to the report individually.
Add Selected Items Click this button to add the students you selected from the Options.
Review & Filter A Summary of the total number of students will display here in red. Removal of students can be done from here as well.



Option Description
Status Indicate if the report will be emailed to any recipients.
Start This option only becomes active if Status is set to "On". Choose when the report will first be emailed.
Stop This option only becomes active if something other than "Once" is chosen in the Run Report  Option. This date defaults to the start date and if not changed, the report will never be sent routinely. 
Run report This option only becomes active if Status is set to "On". Determines the frequency for how often the report is generated and emailed.


Option Description
Run Now A new window will pop-up and the report will generate. This may take several minutes as report processing time varies based on size and connection speed.
Run Offline This option processes the report in the background, allowing users to freely navigate in the system during this time. The report will be added to the Reporting Queue when completed.