Running the State Correlation report

State Correlation Reports show learning activities and lesson quizzes by strand for the specified state (or for Common Core), subject, and level. Use this page to learn how to run a State Correlation Report.

For detailed information on the following report options and setting, click here.

  1. Click the Reports tab.
  2. Click Curriculum Reports located under CompassLearning Reports.
  3. Click Settings in the row of Default State Correlations Report.
  4. A new window will open. Make sure the Details tab is selected.
  5. Set the report name, state, subject, and grade level. 
  6. Click the Schedule & Send tab.
  7. Set to the desired settings to schedule the report generation and emails. 
  8. Click the Run tab.
  9. Select Run Now to start generating the report and stay on the reporting screen. Select Run Offline to start generating the report in the background which allows the Educator to continue moving freely through the system. If the report is run offline, the status of the report can be viewed in My Reporting Queue on the Reports tab.
  10. When finished, click the Exit icon PB-Reports-test_item_summary_report_overview-exit_icon.png located in the top right corner.