Using student tools in Pathblazer activities

Students have access to various tools and information while viewing a video. Use this page to learn about these features.

Beginning an Activity

After selecting an activity, students will see the following screen:


Option Image Description
Go* Instructional_Video_Tools_go.png Begin the activity by clicking this button.

*This button could also say Start depending on the activity. 
Read It Instructional_Video_Tools_readit.png View a full transcript of the video
Exit Instructional_Video_Tools_exit.png Exit the activity and return to the homepage.
Activity Code Instructional_Video_Tools_actcode.png Located under the activity name, the activity code can be entered in the activity finder to access the activity outside of the Assignment.

During the Activity

Clicking the screen during video playback will yield additional options:


Option Image Description
Menu Instructional_Video_Tools_menu.png The menu button displays the activity name, activity code, transcript, frames, and exit button.
Rewind Instructional_Video_Tools_rewind.png Rewind the video by ten seconds.
Fast Forward Instructional_Video_Tools_fstfrwd.png Fast forward the video by ten seconds.

Students cannot fast forward through an activity unless they have already viewed it. 
Pause Instructional_Video_Tools_pause.png Pause the video. This button will be replaced by the "Replay" button once the video has completed playback.
Replay Instructional_Video_Tools_replay.png After the video has completed playback, the replay button will appear in place of the pause button.
Read It Instructional_Video_Tools_readitBLK.png View a transcript of the current frame.
Go Instructional_Video_Tools_goYell.png After completing the current frame, the "Go" button will appear in the lower right corner. Click to progress to the next frame.
Done Instructional_Video_Tools_doneYell.png After all frames have been completed the "Done" button will appear in the lower right corner.

Completing the Activity

After completing an activity and clicking Done, this screen will appear to confirm all frames have been completed:


Click the Exit button to return to the homepage.